You can book your box through our website clicking on “booking online” or directly at one of our deposits.

If you choose to book online the cost of your booking will be the daily price. 
Alternatively, if you choose to book directly at our storage location, you will be asked to pay the first hour to start using your locker  and the balance for the remaining hours you used your box when you will collect your luggage. Please visit your deposit page (all the deposits are reported in the section Where we are) to gather more information about each location’s rates.

It is the safest place to store your stuff.

You store your bags personally into your locker and nobody but you can open it thanks to the personal code system. All deposits are fitted with 24-hours video surveillance monitored by the Operations Centre and all lockers are covered by insurance in case of  damage.

Once the booking online was proceeded successfully, you will receive a first email with your order number and a second email with your order details (Locker Number and Personal Code to open it). When you will be at the deposit, please type “Open your locker” from the totem, enter your Locker Number and your secret Personal Code to open your locker and store your stuff. You can open your locker every time you need during the day making the same procedure.

Please check the spam folder in your email. If you can not find the “details about your order” email with your Locker Number and Personal Code please contact our Customer Service – Venice (+39.334.1186460) or Florence (+39.333.2384933) – to be sure your reservation was proceeded successfully and to receive your order details.


You can pay with credit and debit card. Our system accepts all main international cards. You can not pay with cash.Please visit the page “Payment Methods” to gather more information about the cards accepted.

You can store and collect your bags when the deposit locations are open. Our opening hours are:

– Venice: from 8 am to 10 pm

– Florence: from 7 am to 11 pm

For security reasons the deposit locations are closed during the night so, if you did not collect your luggage before the closing time, you can collect them the following day when deposit opens.

You can open your box again without loosing your current booking for 15 minutes starting from the initial use of the box. After 15 minutes, you can open the box just paying the balance. In this case, you will need to make a new reservation in order to continue using the box.

You will be asked to pay the first hour to reserve your locker, open it and start using it.  When you come back to collect your luggage the system calculates the balance based on the number of hours you used the box. Once you have paid the balance you can collect your luggage.

When you make your reservation you will be asked to choose a personal code to open the box. Nobody can open your box without your personal code. You are the only one who knows the personal code you chose. For this reason we ask you to pay attention when choosing your code in order to be sure not to forget it.

You will find an intercom at the location you can use to contact us. Our operations centre will be at your disposal to help you to store or collect your luggage in just a few minutes. 


For any further doubts, answers or curiosities please contact us filling the form below or using the channels reported below.

Your opinion is important for us. Send us your suggestions in order to improve our service.