General Terms and Conditions on use and purchase of services provided by Vaise – website



0.1 Users who browse and access the services offered by Vaise declare they know and accept these General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “Terms and Conditions” or “Regulations”).

0.2 Visitors and Site Users who refuse to accept the Site Regulations are required to immediately leave the Site and they will not be able to book and/or buy the Services provided through the website.

0.3 The original Italian text of these Terms and Conditions may have been translated into other languages. The translated version is unofficial and purely for illustrative purposes and therefore without legal value. In the event of disputes or inconsistencies or discrepancies among the Italian text and translations in other languages of these Terms and Conditions, the Italian text will prevail and it will be considered as the final version. Italian text is available on the Site (by selecting the Italian language) or will be sent upon written request.

0.4 Vaise stores managed by a Vaise Franchisee – according to the franchising contract signed by the parts – have indipendent terms and conditions which can be read in the website section about the single store.

  1. 1.Definitions

1.1 Any reference to the “website” contained in this “Site Regulations” includes all current or future versions of the website http://www.vaise.it and any Vaise mobile application through which you can access the site or the services provided by Vaise, both in one case and in the other case, access is via a currently existing platform or device, or through a platform or a future device (including, but not limited to, any Mobile site, mobile application, affiliate or related site intended to provide access to Vaise site or services developed over time).

1.2 Any reference to “Good”, “Bag” or “Luggage” means the goods or merchandise that the user stores at Vaise.

1.3 “Depositor” or “user” is the one who owns the goods he intends to store in the Boxes located within Vaise deposits.

1.4 “Depositary” is the counterpart of the contractual relationship with depositor, who is the one who commits to guarding the good and returning it to the depositor. Unless otherwise stated prior to payment, for the services offered through the website the Depositary will be Vaise.

1.5 Any reference to “Day” or “Opening Hours” means the time period during which the locations are open to the public. Similarly, any reference to the “Night Period” means the time period during which deposits are closed. (See paragraph 14.2)

1.6 “Box” means the units that Vaise makes available to Users within its deposits so that users can deposit their bags within them.

1.7 “Totem” is the station within each deposit that allows the user to check the box availability, to make payment, to receive the credentials to open the Box, to request the refund of the luggage stored (“Check-out “) and to interact with Vaise using other functions.

1.8 “Booking Request” means the on-line offer that the User sends to Vaise following the steps and completing the content modules reported in the website.

1.9 “Reservation Receipt” or “Processing Receipt” means the e-mail that Vaise sends to the User’s Email Address and indicates that Vaise has received the Reservation Request and is considering whether to accept the offer sent by the User.

1.10 “Booking Confirmation” means the e-mail that Vaise sends to the email address provided by the User, expressly confirming Vaise’s acceptance of the Reservation Request with the specification of the service. The moment user receives the “booking confirmation” is the moment when the contract is completed and begins to run out of time to exercise its withdrawal right (see paragraph 12).

1.11 Luggage “Return Request” can be performed by user by entering his/her credentials and selecting the “Check-Out” item. User will be asked to pay as much as he/she used the box through the Totem within the deposit where the User delivered his/her goods. If the User has no debt with the depositary, the “Return Request” is done by entering his/her credentials into the Totem and selecting the “Check-out” item.

  1. 2.Information about Vaise.
  • 2.1 Vaise is an e-commerce site owned by Vaise (see par. 3).

2.2 Vaise services may include important communications from Vaise, such as, but not limited to, service communications and administrative messages. Such communications are considered an integral part of Vaise services and the user can not refuse to receive such communications.

2.3 The user can reserve one or more boxes for all day through the website (see section 14.2). Booking requests will be accepted based on Vaise availability and chronological order according to which requests have been received by Vaise.

2.4 The rate paid through the website to reserve one or more boxes for all day based on the selected date (see paragraph 14.2, except in the case of missing luggage collection before the closing time) is the price Vaise requires to book the box and to store the goods during the Daily Opening Hours, in accordance with the rules and procedures laid down in these Regulations.

3.Owner of Vaise and related services

Individual enterprise Vaise owned by Martina Pignaffo.
Via Montello II n. 55
35010 Trebaseleghe (Padova – Italia)
C.F. : PGNMTN90L48B563N

P.I. :05064130288
registered at the Padua Business Register
R.E.A.: PD – 440129



tel. 334.1186460

  1. 4.Site user status

4.1 Legal capacity and age. When the user browses the site, creates his/her own account and submits service orders from the website, he/she guarantees:

  • To be able to act and conclude legally binding contracts; and
  • To be at least 18 years old

4.2 Registration. The user agrees and acknowledges that:

4.2.1. Access to the website. The user may have access to some areas of the website without purchasing a service or registering his/her data.

4.2.2. In order to be able to purchase the services or some of them, the user is required to register his/her personal data and other data. Such data must be provided in a truthful and complete manner by filling in the related registration form, with full acceptance of the Privacy Policy and these Terms and Conditions.

4.3.3. The User has the obligation to update his/her data and is responsible for their truthfulness.

4.3.4. The User has the obligation to keep his/her access credentials – both to access the website and the boxes – which are strictly personal diligently;

4.4 The user may not use Vaise Services or accept these Terms and Conditions if he/she is not eligible for the Vaise Services under Italian law or other applicable laws.

  1. 5.Purchase procedure of Box Availability through the Website (Booking Procedure)

5.1 Each reservation request made by the User through the website constitutes an offer to purchase the services provided by Vaise, in the terms required by the User in his/her offer/request to Vaise. The reservation request is considered correctly concluded when the user has completed each step reported in the website and has made the payment.

5.2 The forwarding of orders through the website (now or in the future) constitutes acceptance to be bound by these general Terms of use.

5.3.1 Reservations are subject to availability and discretionary acceptance by Vaise. Service purchase contract can be considered as concluded only when the user receives the booking confirmation email. The contract is regulated by the Terms and conditions reported in the booking confirmation email. In the case of non-acceptance or denial, the user will be refunded the amount paid.

5.3.2 The User has to indicate a valid e-mail address and to periodically check his/her mailbox. It is suggested to enter multiple contact channels.

5.3.3 Pictures placed on the site are adapted to the visualization tool and for this reason are merely indicative of the appearance and size of products. They may differ partly from the images presented.

5.3.4 Even after the booking confirmation e-mail, in case of unavailability of some of the services purchased, for reasons not foreseeable at the time of booking confirmation, Vaise will refund to the User the price of the services already paid.

5.3.5 Vaise can confirm a reservation within 3 days after the date of receiving the Booking Request by the User. After 3 days from the Booking Request by the User, the request will be intended as rejected.

5.4 To complete the online booking procedure, the User must select the desired service after having carefully checked that information contained in the booking summary are in accordance with his/her intentions. Vaise reserves the right to change the reservation after Confirmation, upon request from the User, discretely on the basis of availability.

5.5 Reservation Receipt or Processing Receipt does not constitute acceptance of the order (which will be made by Booking Confirmation).

5.6 Booking Confirmation, is done via confirmation (via e-mail) from the website and is strictly linked to the payment of the requested price, taxes and payment fees reported in the Order Summary Form available before payment phase.

5.7 Vaise can offer special offers during the year.

5.8 In the event that the user has made a reservation through the webite, he may access the Box without limit during the time of the purchased reservation.

5.9 Once Vaise confirmed the booking reservation requested by the user, a Purchase Agreement for the availability of the Box for the entire selected day (see paragraph 14.2) is completed between the parts in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

5.10 In case of daily reservation through the website, the depositor’s request for return of the goods deposited is made by entering his/her credentials into the totem section used to check-out. Vaise has no control over the identity of the user for the return of the goods and relies only on the credentials the user has received.

5.11 If multiple Boxes are requested by sending a single Booking Request and in the event that Vaise does not have the availability to accept the Booking Request in its entirety, the Request will be refused and user will need to fill in a second one by excluding the unavailable service/boxes.

  1. 6.Payment methods and prices

6.1 Payment methods available to users are described in the related website section

6.2 Vaise uses third-party payment processing tools and does not have any contacts with payment details – such as those related to the credit card – provided by the User.

6.3 Services required through the Site has to be paid in advance.

6.4 In the event that services are directly requested through the Totem within the deposits where the goods are to be deposited, at the box reservation phase the first hour charge will be paid. When user inteds to collect his/her bags , before the deposit is returned, the amount owed for each hour or fraction for the deposit period used after the first hour must be paid.

6.5 Deposit fees, in case of reservation at the location, is hourly equal to € 2.90 for the first hour or fraction of hour and € 14,50 per hour or fraction of hour for subsequent hours. The maximum charge for a Box per day (8am to 10pm) is the daily rate of 14,50 €. After the 5-hour deposit and until the closing time (see paragraph 14.2), the daily charge will be applied, cheaper than the hourly charge for the depositor.

6.6.1 In case of purchase of the daily availability of the Box using the website (online booking), the fee will be 14,50 € regardless of the actual hours of deposit being used.

6.6.2 In case of purchase of the availability of the Box using the website (online booking) after 4pm on the requested day, the charge will be calculated on hourly basis (see section 6.5, more favorable to user) until 10 pm, regardless of the effective use of the Box.

6.7.1. In the event of non-collection of the bags stored before the closing time of the deposit (10 pm) on the same day the deposit was made, the user will be required to pay 25 €. The maximum daily charge does not apply, cause it covers the Daily Time range only, so up to the closing time of the deposit, and not even during the night. (See paragraph 14.2)

6.7.2. In the event of non-collection of the bags stored before the closing time of the deposit (10 pm) on the same day the deposit was made, the depositor can not collect his/her bags until 8am of the following day (ex Article 1771 c.c.).

6.8 If the luggage had not been collected the day before, starting from 8am onwards, it will re-start charging fees reported on par. 6.5 of this Regulation.

6.9 If the User, after his/her goods collection, does not physically close the box door where goods were deposited, he will be required to pay a further sum of € 25.00.

  1. 7.Applicable law and competent forum

7.1 As far as permitted by law, these Terms and Conditions, as well as the provision of our services, will be governed and interpreted in accordance with Italian law and any dispute arising out from these Terms and Conditions and our Services will be addressed solely by the competent courts Of Verona (Italy).

  1. 8.Deposit contract concluded within the locations where the Boxes are located.

8.1 Contents not covered by what these Regulations, are intended to be compliant exclusively with Italian law provisions or, if different, with european or internation law.

8.2 Deposit contract will be finalized within the locations where the user makes the payment for the first hour and deposits his/her luggage.

8.3 Deposit contract will be concluded when the user verifies the box where he/she stored luggage has been correctly closed. Goods are intended to be stored only when the user puts them into the box and correctly closes the box.

8.4 Deposit contract is for a fee. Prices (paragraph 6.5 and following) and payment methods are indicated within the deposits or on the website http://www.vaise.it

8.5 Starting from the moment of conclusion of the deposit contract (except in the case of booking online), the user can open the box for 15 minutes, then to collect the goods the user will be required to pay the balance and complete his/her reservation.

8.6 Vaise has the right to hold goods that have been deposited in its deposits until it is satisfied with outstanding balance (ex Articles 2756 and 2761 c.c.). It may sell the goods deposited according to art. 2797 c.c.

8.7 Vaise can give custody of luggage to third parties and can store them in a different place (at the same conditions). This right concerns deposit period only and it can not cause any differences of costs for the user.

8.8 Vaise is required to return goods in the same place where they have been stored by the user. In case of doubts, video images recorded by Vaise will be used as proof.

8.9 Vaise undertakes to return the luggage as soon as possible starting from the time of refund request by the user, considering technical time necessary to carry out the operation.

8.10.1 Refund request of what is deposited is made by paying the amount due with the payment methods indicated on the website http://www.vaise.it, using the Totem located in the deposit where goods are stored.

8.10.2 Vaise reserves the right to accept, based on its own discretion, return requests with alternative methods by the user, however, after payment of the amount due as stated in these Regulations.

8.11.1 Except for contents of paragraphs 8.10.1 and 8.10.2, in case of the user asks for different return methods (for example, by e-mail and by shipment), the additional costs for goods delivery will be entirely at the expense of the user and must be fully anticipated in addition to the sum of €30,00 for the flat fee for the abnormal return procedure.

8.11.2 Vaise is never obligated to commit to obtain permissions or to carry out further activities necessary to ship luggages or to return them with alternative methods.

8.12 Depositary responsibility ends once the Box is opened due to Return Request made by the user. If good is returned for any reasons by shipment (except for Vaise’s fault or dole), Vaise responsibility ends at the time when it delivers the goods to the person responsible for transport at the pace indicated to the depositary by the depositor (Article 1693 of the Italian Civil Code and Art. 63 of the Consumption Code).

8.13 Costs incurred by Vaise for the goods custody until the shipment time are at the expense of the Depositor at the same rates of deposit in the place where the last deposit occurred, in addition to the provisions of par. 6.7.1. for night deposit.

8.14 The User is aware of the complete automation of local systems. The user is therefore invited to check that he/she have not left anything inside the box once he/she concluded the use of the box putting credentials and paying the balance. Vaise will not be responsible for the depositor’s negligence.

8.15.1 In case of forgetfulness or neglect of goods, which are presumed after 120 hours from its deposit (unless differently and expressly communicated to Vaise through the appropriate channels reported on the website), Vaise has right to the payment for the deposit space used up to a maximum of 7 days (daily rate + nightly rate) starting from the deposit time.

8.15.2 After the seventh day, due to security reasons, if the User has not paid the amount due for the deposit and has not anticipated all the costs for goods restitution and indicated the place and the way he/she wants this to happen or does not have expressly stated that he/she wishes to extend the deposit, Vaise is authorized to destroy the goods. Destruction costs, additional costs and deposit costs (daily rate + nightly rate) will be at the expense of the depositor.

8.16 In the case mentioned above, in addition to the fee due for the deposit, the depositor will have to pay an additional sum of € 30.00 for administrative expenses.

8.17 If for any reasons not ascribable to Vaise, the user leaves the goods within the deposit during the night, the user will have to pay an additional price as stated in par. 6.7.1.

8.18 It is not possible to request the withdrawal of the goods stored after the closing time until the following opening time (section 14.2).

  1. 9.Goods not allowed to be stored in the boxes inside the Vaise locations.

9.1 Goods forbidden/considered dangerous by applicable law are not allowed to be stored.

9.2 Goods that by their nature or by the nature of their packaging can potentially harm a person, the environment and the things located in Vaise locations are not allowed.

9.3 Goods that by their nature are not preservable in the temperature and humidity conditions of the deposit where goods are to be disposed are not allowed. The user knows that the room does not have control tools of the above factors.

9.4 It is not allowed to store: plants or animals (dead or alive); documents, titles and certificate (negotiable or not); material or goods representing or containing indecent or improper material; arms or other goods suitable for wounding people, animals and/or other goods; material containing high value software or high value information; technological objects (like for example: tablet, pc, smartphone, cameras, analogical or digital watches, electronic cigarettes,…); rubbish; material containing political or religious messages or references; medicines nd/or drugs; artistic objects; antique objects; bulky or potentially bulky (for example: inflatable, pressed air tank); liquids; fragile objects; batteries; incendiary material (for example: lighters, matchsticks, ecc); tobaccos; objects with a total value higher than €1.000,00; goods whose size or weight exceeds the box capacity (see par. 17.1 and 17.2).

9.5 For goods reported in sections 9.1, 9.2, 9.3 and 9.4 of this Regulation, Vaise does not offer substitute services unless expressly approved in writing.

9.6 For control and security reasons, the user allows Vaise or third parties committed to inspect goods (internally and externally) and to move them to a more suitable place, without changing the obligations and/or the conditions of the service during all the deposit period.

9.7 In the event of storage of any prohibited goods according to the above provisions, Vaise has the right to take any suitable caution and, in the case, to inform the competent authorities.

  1. 10.Vaise obligations

10.1 Vaise has to shield the deposited goods and to give them back to the depositor.

10.2 Vaise uses the diligence of the good family father in the custody. The depositor is aware that locations and their surveillance is automated and that such automation is the main reason for the price of the service offered by Vaise. This implies that the depositor agrees that any liability for the service-related blame is to be attenuated compared to a service offered by depositors with employees within the location. The user is responsible for the manual closure of the box doors.

10.3 In case of urgent circumstances, the Depositary may perform custody in a manner different from the one agreed upon. In this case, Vaise undertakes to inform the depositor in a timely manner without any aggravation of the User’s expense.

10.4 The Depositary undertakes to give goods back to the Depositor as soon as required (exceptions reported in Section 14.2) once the depositor paid the balance to Vaise. In the event of malfunction, Vaise undertakes to solve the damage in a reasonable time, proportionate to the cause and nature of the failure. The depositary is never required to return goods deposited during the Night (closing hours as reported in paragraph 14.2)

10.5 If the goods have been stored for a third person and he/she informs the depositary and the depositor of his/her authorization, depositary can give goods back to third person or depositor and is not required to disclose it to the depositor or to the third party.

10.6 Vaise undertakes to return the luggage exclusively during the opening hours of the deposit in which goods have been deposited. Opening hours may change during the year or for exceptional reasons (such as public events, natural events, etc.). Vaise undertakes to expose the opening hours and alert on both the website and the locations. For urgency reasons, Vaise has right to publish opeing hours in the ways it considers as appropriate.

10.7 Vaise, via the channels and contacts published on the site, offers customer support during the opening hours of its deposits. For particularly urgent issues, please contact +39.334.1186460

10.8 Vaise monitors its locations by video-recording 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which is connected to promptly intervention in case of need with surveillance companies.

10.9 Vaise can not be considered responsible for errors in goods collection phase due to inaccuracies by the User happened prior to the correct and complete closure of the Box.

10.10 The User acknowledges that access credentials constitute the means by which Vaise verifies the identity of the user. As long as Vaise is unaware of the facts, or as long as Vaise could not be aware of circumstances adopting the diligence of good family father, Vaise fulfill its obligations by delivering goods deposited to the person who provides credentials.

  1. 11.User’s obligations

11.1 Deposit and collection of luggage takes place only during the opening hours of the deposit during which the goods are deposited (Section 14.2). The user has to check the opening hours in advance for the entire period during which he intends to access the deposit service.

11.2 The user is required to comply fully with the provisions of this Regulation.

11.3 At delivery, the user has to verify the correct retention of all stored goods, and to communicate promptly any anomalies using channels and contacts available on the website or in the deposit. Video images recorded by Vaise could be used as proof.

11.4 The user is responsible for damages caused to things, people or animals due to non-compliance with the terms and conditions or applicable law.

11.5 Users are not authorized to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell any portion of Vaise and its services without the written permission of the owner.

11.6 The user undertakes to collect his/her luggage before the closing time of the deposit where the goods have been deposited. If this is not the case, the user will have to pay the price indicated in section 6.7.1 for the deposit during the night.

11.7 In case of any doubts about the information provided on the webite, prior to box reservation, the user is invited to contact Vaise through the channels and contacts available on the website or in the deposit.

11.8 According to contents of par. 10.10 the user exonerates Vaise for any improper use of credentials by third parties.

11.10 The user has to verify the correct closure of box when he/she stores bags and collect them.

  1. 12.Annulment

12.1 In the event of purchasing services via the Website, the contract concluded falls within the cases provided for by the Consumer Code (Art.59) since it is a ‘contract which provides for a specific date or period of performance’ and therefore constitutes an exclusion with respect to the right of cancellation provided for online purchases.

12.2 Vaise reserves the right to assess any requests for cancellation in the event of exceptional circumstances assessed on a case-by-case basis and reported well in advance.

12.3 No cancellation is provided in the case of bookings made directly on site.

  1. 13.Access to the website and end users accounts

13.1 Although Vaise is committed to guarantee the access to the website 24 hours a day, Vaise is not responsible to the user in the event that the website, at any time or for periods of any length, is not available.

13.2 Access to the website may be temporarily/permanently suspended/interrupted at any time, without prior notice.

13.3 IT security. Internet information transmission is not entirely safe. Although Vaise adopts the measures to protect the information entered required by law, it can not guarantee the security of the data transmitted to the website. The transmission is therefore carried out at the user’s risk.

13.4 Vaise has the right to add, modify and remove features or functions, or suspend or completely interrupt the provision of the service, both temporarily and definitively.

13.5 In the event of a permanent breakdown, Vaise will act as best as possible to allow the user to get the information.

13.6 Registered users may deactivate their accounts, request to cancel or stop using the service at any time, through the interface or by contacting Vaise directly.

13.7 Vaise, in case of violation of these Terms, has the right to suspend or close the user account at any time and without notice.

13.8 Vaise has the right to prohibit, at any time and without notice, the access to Vaise, for all or some functions, to user accounts fo whom there have been irregularities of payment, non-payment, damage to property/persons/animals, repeated and continuous unsuccessful order attempts, computer attacks, or any other explicit or implicit activity that may damage directly or indirectly to the owner, other users, property/persons/animals.

  1. 14.Timetable

14.1 Services available on the website are usually available 24 hours a day for 365 days a year, except as provided in par. 13.1 of this Regulation.

14.2 Goods can be deposited and collected from the boxes within Vaise locations from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, Monday to Sunday included, never during the night that runs from 10pm to 8am of the following day.

14.3 For urgency or security reasons, Vaise may temporarily change the opening and closing hours of its deposits. In that case, it will communicate in the ways it deems more effective. However, the user undertakes to check with diligence any changes from normal time before and during the deposit period.

14.4 According to this Regulation, the non-opening hours are considered as “Night Band”. During this band, if any goods are still deposited for reasons not attributable to Vaise, the user will be asked to pay an additional amount according to par. 6.7.1.

  1. 15.Indemnity

15.1 The user undertakes to keep Vaise unharmed (as well as any subsidiaries, affiliates, affiliates, directors, agents, licensors, partners and employees) from any liability or obligation, including any legal fees incurred to defend themselves, arising out from damages caused to other Users or to third parties in connection with the violation of the terms of the law or the terms of these Conditions of Service.

  1. 16.Privacy Policy e Cookies

16.1 To gather information on personal data processing, users are invited to refer to Vaise Provacy Policy.

16.2 To gather information on cookies utilization by this website, users are invited to refer to the specific Cookis Policy page.

  1. 17.Box information

17.1 Each box has these sizes: height 61 centimeters, width 51 centimeters, depth 84.5 centimeters.

17.2 Each Box holds a total weight of goods of a maximum of 35 kilograms.

17.3 It is mandatory for the User to verify prior to the reservation the measures and the weight of the goods he/she intends to deposit.

17.4 It is forbidden to compress objects within the Box.

17.5 No refunds or compensation is due to the User who has made a reservation through the website in the event that his/her luggage do not meet the requirements of these Regulations and he/she has not asked for annulment as in para . 12.

17.6 The user who has proceeded through the Totem and has not previously checked the size/weight of his/her luggage and is unable to deposit, if he or she does not use the Box, he/she will be required to pay the first hour of the deposit.

17.7 The User will have to refund any damages, both to Vaise and to third parties, for damages caused by non-compliance with the Box storage capacity.            

  1. 18.License to use

18.1 It is not permitted to use website material or content for commercial purposes without having obtained written permission from Vaise.

18.2 The website may not be used and no part of it may be reproduced or stored in any other website or may be inserted into any public or private system or service without prior written permission from Vaise.

18.3 Rights not expressly granted in this website are reserved.

18.4 However, users can not:

  • copy, retain, modify,, prepare derivative works or alter in any way any of the contents/services provided by Vaise;
  • use any robot, spider, site search/retrieval application, or any other device, process, or automated means for accessing, retrieving, scraping or indexing any portion of Vaise or its contents;
  • rent, license or sublicense Vaise;
  • defame, offend, threaten or otherwise violate others’ rights (such as the right to privacy and advertising);
  • disseminate or publish illegal, obscene, defamatory or inappropriate contents.

  1. 19.Communications

19.1. All communications to Vaise must be send using the contacts reported in the website.

19.2. The User agrees that communication with Vaise takes place mainly electronically.

19.3 The user is contacted by e-mail or provided with information by notice posts on the website. For the contractual purposes, the user agrees to such electronic communication and acknowledges that all contracts, alerts, information and other communications provided electronically by Vaise comply with the legal requirements of written form. This clause does not affect the rights that the law provides in favor of visitors of the website.

19.4 The User must provide the valid and active email address at the time of registration.

  1. 20.Copyright

20.1 All Vaise trademarks, figurative or trade names, and any other trademarks, trade names, service marks, word marks, trade names, illustrations, images, logos appearing on Vaise are and remain the sole property of Vaise or its licensors and are protected by law.

20.2 Vaise Services, including any software used in connection with them (the “Software”), contain proprietary and confidential information, protected by applicable intellectual and/or industrial property laws and other laws. Content included in advertising material or information submitted to the user through Vaise Services may be protected by copyright, trademark, service marks, patents or other intellectual and/or industrial property rights. Except for what expressly permitted by applicable law or except where expressly authorized by Vaise or its licensor (eg an advertiser), the user agrees not to use, distribute, reproduce, adapt, Publish, translate, create derivative works, rent, view, publicly perform or publicly display Vaise Services and User Content or Software.

20.3 Vaise grants to the User a personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive license to use the Software Code on a single computer. However, the User may not and may not allow others to copy, adapt, create derivative works, decompile, disassemble, or otherwise attempt to discover source code, sell, assign, sublicense, grant In any way warrant or otherwise transfer any right concerning the Software. This clause does not apply to cases expressly permitted by law or its licensor.

20.4 The user may not access Vaise Services by any means other than Vaise’s specific interface except where the User has been specifically authorized by Vaise in writing.

  1. 21.Responsibilities limitations

21.1 Vaise, within the limits of applicable law, is responsible for contractual and non-contractual damages to users or third parties solely when these constitute an immediate and direct consequence of Vaise’s business for malice or gross negligence.

21.2 Vaise guarantees the correct retention only up to the time of collection at the place where it is required to return the goods to the User or until delivery to the person responsible for the shipment and designated by the user.

21.3 Any liability for the bad state of goods due to improper care after delivery is excluded.

21.4 Although Vaise undertakes to ensure that the information provided on the website are correct, it does not promise that such information will be accurate or complete if it is not expressly stated by the applicable law or by the Rules.

21.5 Vaise may make any modification to the material on the website or to the services and prices described on the website and in the locations, at any time and without notice, by notifying such changes to users in the same manner as this information was provided.

  1. 22.Changes to these terms

22.1 Vaise has the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions at any time by giving notice to the User through its publication within Vaise.

22.2 Changes to these Terms will be applied to the individuals ratione temporis; Verified facts, legal relationships concluded prior to the entry into force of the new Terms will be fully governed by the previous version, always available on the website.

22.3 However, users are ainvited to print a copy of the Site Rules for future reference.

22.4 The Italian version of the Site Rules (present and later modified) is the only contractually binding version for the parts.

22.5 The User who continues using Vaise after publishing the changes must accept the new Terms without reservation.

  1. 23.Contract termination

23.1 Vaise reserves the right to transfer, assign, or sublicense all or some of the rights and/or obligations arising out of these Terms, provided that the user’s rights herein are not prejudiced.

23.2 L’Utente non potrà cedere o trasferire in alcun modo i propri diritti e/o obblighi ai sensi dei presenti Termini senza l’autorizzazione espressa e scritta di Vaise.

The user may not assign or transfer his/her rights and/or obligations under these Terms in any way without the written permission of Vaise.

  1. 24.Invalidity

24.1 In the event that any of the terms of these Terms and Conditions are invalid or becomes non-binding, the user will be required to continue complying with all the other terms herein. In this case, we will replace this clause with a valid and binding clause that has as much effect as is similar to the one superseded and the user agrees to comply with the contents and purposes of this regulation.